"You have one of the best instructors in the art today... he has only your best interest at heart... I want to thank all of you and your instructor for helping make Grand Master Woo's dream come true in keeping the true art of San Soo alive for the future." - Bernie Chin-Woo, widow of the late Jimmy H. Woo.



Jimmy Woo personally mentored Sam as an instructor of San Soo recognizing Sam’s  dedication, love for and skill in this Art.

Sam has a vast educational background and experience in teaching which includes the local, State and Federal levels in a variety of subjects.  He has traveled and lectured throughout the United States. 

Sam is an author and has written extensively on San Soo including the book; “Fight To Live – The Legacy of Jimmy H. Woo,” available at amazon.com. Retired from a career in law enforcement, Sam worked some of the worst crime and gang infested areas of Los Angeles. That experience provided him a unique exposure and education to the reality and nuances of sudden and unexpected street violence. This extraordinary familiarity coupled with his training under Jimmy fostered an outstanding knowledge base which is passed on to his students.

“Received pure, delivered pure.” - Sam Silva